The Company


Confezioni Grazia was founded in 1976 as a family concern for the creation of items of clothing both for man and woman, carrying on an experience started in the Sixties by an other owned company.
We are a great tailor’s shop provided with a model-studio, a prototype, specific chains for the sampling and production of any item.
During these years our personnel have been sensitized and educated in order to guarantee the complete creation of high-quality articles. This also includes the investiment in the most suitable equipments, in addition to the use of our own materials and high-quality threads.
The inside of the item is enriched with our canvas, plates, adhesives, rolls and straps, each of them is made with the best materials found in the world-wide Market; so as we can be at the top of our sector.

The craftmade care together with the extreme attention in details and wearability
are the specific elements that identify our business, respecting the highest quality standards
through precise item‘s check one by one. We are an Italian company and our services and production are stricty



The process of production is divided into several departments developed for the creation of woman outerwears or coordinates (skirt, trousers, dress, shirt…), up to that of tailored dummy-dresses, also for the celebrities.

This kind of system permits to satisfy customer’s needs regarding any type of item and fabric, from the lightest to the heaviest one. It also assures quality and reliability of delivery deadlines.

Furthermore, this system enables us to produce high-quality goods, checked in every step of their manifacturing by professional figures. They work with extreme skill at any stage: the model, the production and manufacture one. We offer to our customer any kind of service.

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